Software Projects in Industry


Recommendation Systems

I worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Researchgate, Berlin. My work was related to improving their recommendation systems.

Web Search

I worked as a Software Developer for Microsoft Bing in Munich. I was in the core relevance group focusing on methods for improving web search.

Search Engine Log Analysis in F# and .Net

I worked as an intern under the supervision of Peter Bailey at Microsoft Bing, Bellevue, WA to evaluate the suitability of Microsoft's new programming language F# for search engine log analysis.

An efficient NoSQL distributed database

As an intern at ITA Software, Boston, I contributed to the implementation of an efficient distributed database customized to serve airfare data. The project used C++, Python and R as languages of implementation.

Passenger Simulation

I worked at ARC Aachen, Germany on a team implementing a simulation of passengers in airport terminals. The project used the OpenGL API, the programming language Delphi and navigation algorithms from Robotics.

Insurance Industry Software

I worked at OBS (acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation), Sofia, Bulgaria with Computer Sciences Corporation Graphtalk A.I.A. system to implement and maintain software mangaging the workflow in insurance companies.

Software Projects in Academia


R/Matlab Interface Project

I am working with Prof. Harriet Fell and her project partners to bring their Matlab-developed Speech Analysis software to users of R. This project involves interfacing the open source statistical computing system R to Matlab compiled code through C/C++.

Search Engine Implementation in F#

I researched independently the feasibility and challenges of implementing search engines in F# using idioms from functional programming.

TREC Search Engine Entry

I used the Lucene Search Engine library to index multi-gigabyte collection of documents on a Linux cluster. I submitted the results of my search engine implementation to TREC.

Lucene Search

I used the Lucene Search Engine library to perform indexing and statistics extraction from text. The project evaluated the sensitivity of machine learning approaches to training data for learning how to rank documents in search engines.

Lemur Search

I worked with Alan Feuer to set up the Lemur Search Engine, perform a search engine algorithm comparison with live users, and evaluate the results through statistical methods.

Network Packets Analyser

I worked with Sergey Bratus and Prof. Jay Aslam to implement a language and a graphical user interface for statistical log analysis of network packets in the open source network analyzer Ethereal.

Natural Language Processing

For my Master's thesis project at RWTH-Aachen, I implemented a natural language processing approach called Latent Semantic Analysis and evaluated its usefulness to machine translation.