Stefan Savev, PhD

AWS & Google Cloud Certified

Demonstrable record of project delivery

20 years of industry experience

PhD in Machine Learning and Information Retrieval from Northeastern University, USA

MS in Natural Language Processing from RWTH, Aachen, Germany


Software Development (Python, GoLang, Scala, Java, Typescript, Terraform, and many more)

Technical Project Management, Architecture, Software Design, Design Thinking, User-oriented approach

Team Work, Code & Architecture Reviews, Roadmaps

Areas: Big Data, Microservices, Tools, Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure As Code, Kubernetes, Machine Learning & AI

Efficient Implementation of Algorithms and Tools

Design of Domain Specific Languages or APIs

In person workshops or trainings


With more than 15 organizations

More than 20 successful projects

Customer References Available Upon Request

Projects Details Available Upon Request

Non-trivial code samples available upon request