Stefan Savev, PhD

Software development consultant in Big Data, Machine Learning, Backend on AWS and Google Cloud

AWS certified (Big Data, Security, Architect and Developer Associate)

Google Cloud certified (Big Data)

Worked as a Software Engineer for Microsoft

15+ years of relevant industry experience, 5 years as a consultant

PhD in Machine Learning and Information Retrieval from Northeastern University, Boston, USA

MS in Natural Language Processing from RWTH, Aachen, Germany

CTO & Owner, Stream ML UG

Consulting Areas

Software development (Python, Go, Scala, Java, Typescript, Terraform, and more)

Big Data, microservices, tools building, cloud architecture & infrastructure as code, Kubernetes, Machine Learning

Technical project management, architecture, software design, design sprints, user and product oriented mindset

Team work, code & architecture reviews, product roadmaps

Efficient implementation of algorithms and tools

Design of domain specific languages or APIs

In person workshops or trainings


With more than 15 organizations

More than 20 successful projects, 10 of them as a consultant

Selected Past Projects

  • an API Gateway from scratch with GoLang (area: Backend)
  • a Streaming Data Replication Pipeline with Scala, Spark and Kafka (area: Big Data)
  • an End-to-end Data Analytics Architecture and Recommendation System with Spark and Python (area: Big Data and ML)
  • a fully-fledged Kubernetes Operator deploying a large Microservice-based Software-as-a-service Product (area: DevOps)
  • a repository for stock price prediction featured on AWS Open Data Registry (area: Data Science and ML)

What Customers are Saying

  • "Stefan shows world-class skill in both engineering and machine learning. This is unusual: many good machine learners are not good engineers, and vice versa.", Founder of a Data Science Training Camp, Germany
  • "He is an individual I take genuine pleasure in recommending for any position requiring freelance project work.", startup CTO, Germany
  • "Stefan was brought on as a backend expert who could lead and develop on all aspects of the backend needs, large data management, database structures, API development, authentication management", Senior Director of Product, USA
  • "I was really happy with Stefan, and his contributions made an enormous difference to the project", Head of DevOps in large startup, USA
  • "...had some more chances to interact with Stefan recently and he's continued to be great...", Associate Director of an international consulting company, USA